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  • STEP 1

    Search for you Hotel at over 200,000 hotels globally


  • STEP 2

    Decide on the Hotel, then enter check-in and check-out dates

  • STEP 3

    Choose to pay via credit card or BitcoinMetal 


  • STEP 4

    If paying via credit card, proceed online to make the booking


  • STEP 5

    If paying via BitcoinMetal, proceed here



  • STEP 6

    Enjoy the cheapest global rates, with an additional discount of 5%-12% for paying with BitcoinMetal 


World Travel Company specialises exclusively in internet-based hotel bookings, providing access to more than 200,000 Hotels in 1,500 destinations globally. We provide this gateway through our various partnership agreements. We guarantee the best rates available on the internet at the time of booking, removing the anxiety of deciding which Hotel booking engine to choose.

Our website includes a useful Tripadvisor review for most hotels.

In addition to offering the best global Hotel rates, we have signed an exclusive agreement with BitcoinMetal (a cryptocurrency) to offer cheaper Hotel prices than dominating online travel agencies, simply by paying for your Hotel with BitcoinMetal.

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